Welcome to the world of


What we like 😍

We like everything that is authentic, the things that makes us as we are. That is why we reflect the traditions and customs that identify us and make us grow as a nation. And we love living our culture and folklore intensely! You will always find us next to everything that is beautiful and enriches us.

What we want 😊

We want to offer you the most genuine and exquisite of our gastronomy, that’s why we always use top quality ingredients and work with the best artisans of our land. If we are what we eat, we want you to eat the best!


And we want you to keep the colors of your best memories alive! That’s why we put so much effort into our designs and the finishing of our products, because we want to live up to your best moments.

What we do 😋

In Balcam Diagonal SL we have been offering a selection of Spanish artisan and traditional products for decades, and year after year we dedicate all our efforts to feed the magic of the Happy Colors World.


Innovation and continuous improvement are present daily in our work. You can enjoy exquisite assortments of pastries, delicious chocolates or candies that you can’t stop eating … And we are throughout the peninsula, Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands!


In addition, if you have any ideas of your own we also offer customized solutions. All this to put in your hands that magical world of colors and flavors that we love so much.


Come along and enjoy it!